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2019 Touch-A-Truck - UMass Life Flight Videos
What is a Touch-A-Truck ?
Touch-A-Truck events allow children and their families to get up close to, and climb on, sit in, and explore large and exciting vehicles, children of all ages, love to see and sometimes even play with, in small scale.
Children often see these vehicles; such as backhoes, cranes, police cars, fire trucks and other unique vehicles that inspire imagination. However, because of environmental conditions, children are often not able to approach them for safety reasons. A Touch-A-Truck removes those barriers and limitations and allows children, and their families, to get up close, explore and even lask questions and learn from those individuals who operate them everyday.
How did Rotary's Touch-A-Truck start?
Touch-A-Truck was an event developed in 2015 as part of the Woonsocket Rotary Club's "Rotary Days" Celebrations.
The event was one of many, family friendly events, organized by members of the Woonsocket Rotary Club, to allow families the opportunities to get outside and enjoy the community, and spend time with family, friends and their community.
Touch-A-Truck was not a unique event, and many such events are organized across the county every year, however Woonsocket Rotary Club event organizers wanted their event to stand out and be like no other Touch-A-Truck in the area. To do so, event planners reached for the sky, literally.
During the first Woonsocket Rotary Touch-A-Truck, event planners reach out and attempted to obtain, "pie in the sky" participants. By thinking big, Woonsocket Rotary brought vehicles, to the event that no other Touch-A-Truck in the area or at least in New England have ever at their Touch-A-Truck events.
What was the Plan?
Touch-A-Truck was initially developed as a multi-day, fund raising event, to help Woonsocket Rotary collect donations from attendees, to be later given back to the community. After the first few successful events, event organizer decided to change the intent of the event from a fundraiser, to "Rotary's - Free Community Give Back Event." 
The following years' Touch-A-Trucks transformed to a free, $0 admission, one day event and were a huge success. A family could attend the event for an hour or two, or stay all day long. The change brought more attendees to the event and allowed anyone to attend and enjoy.
Where are we today?
As a result of Woonsocket Rotary's incredible partnerships and ability to network, the Woonsocket Rotary Club's Touch-A-Truck has been able to hold Touch-A-Truck events, each year, less years affected by COVID,  soliciting local business, government entities, for minimal financial support and in kind support, through their participation, and allows us to bring upwards of 30+ unique and exciting vehicles to the event each year, some never seen at any other Touch-A-Truck in the area.
The unique (headliner) vehicles, such as Mutts Cutts from the Movie Dumb and Dumber (2016), a Delorean Time Machine from Back to the Future (2016, 2017, 2018), vehicles from Jurassic Park (2018), the Space Chariot from Lost in Space (2017), and Life Flight - from U-Mass Worcester (2018), along with dozens of other exciting and amazing vehicles and demonstrations make Woonsocket Rotary's Touch-A-Truck, a worth while, family friendly, free event you should plan on attending, the first Saturday in May each year.
Sponsors & Participants
 (Past and Present)
Holy Trinity Parish (OLQM)
Amica Mutual Insurance Company
88 MPH Time Machine
(Bill & Patrick Shea)
(Back to the Future - Deloreon
 Jurassic Park - Jeep & Ford Explorer
Ghostbusters - Ecto-1)
ADC Septic
AJ Concrete Pumping Service
Bay Crane - Northeast
Bobby & Peter Farrelly
& John Chan
(Mutt Cutts)
Briarwood Child Academy
Bousquet Oil
Brewster Ambulance Service
Bruce & Phyllis Ferreira
(Military Vehicles)
Bugg'ed Out BBQ
Burrillville Police Department
City of Woonsocket
City of Woonsocket - Public Works
City of Woonsocket - Solid  Waste
Colleta's Towing
Consumer's Propane
Cool Air Creations
Del's Lemonade
(Ryan & Cory Sukaskas)
Gladu Wrecking & Removal
GPL Construction
Greater Woonsocket Catholic Regional School (GWCRS)
Harrisville Fire Department
Ice Cream Machine
(Gary, Kim & Zach Caron)
Johnson Paving
Jolly Jumpers/Party Solutions
John Antonellis & Elevator ID
(Lost In Space - Chariot)
Life Flight - U-Mass Worcester
Lowes Home Improvement
(North Smithfield)
Mickey G's Clam Shack
Monroe Dairy
New England Patriots
North Smithfield Emergency Management Agency
North Smithfield Fire Department
North Smithfield Landscaping
North Smithfield Police Department
Paul Jacob Video / Sound
Pawtucket Red Sox
Providence Bruins
Providence Canteen
Providence Police Department
RE/MAX of New England / Richard Zompa
Chris Mooney Ballooning
Rhode Island Air National Guard
Rhode Island Army National Guard
Rhode Island Blood Center
Rhode Island Public Transit Authority
Rhode Island Resource Recovery
Rhode Island State Fire Marshall's Office
Rhode Island State Police
Rick's Service & Towing
Roaming Railroad, LLC
Rock Spot Climbing
Ronnie's Towing
St. Antoine Residence
Stanley Tree Service
Star Wars 501st Legion
Sutton Fire Department
The Kids Bus
Town Line Towing & Recovery
Town of North Smithfield
Town of North Smithfield - Public Works
US Coast Guard
Valley Disposal
Valley Transportation
Viola Water
Warwick Fire Department
WOON Radio
Woonsocket Fire Department
Woonsocket High School Baseball
Woonsocket Lion's Club
Woonsocket Police Department
Want to help with ideas for Future Touch-A-Truck Events?
If you have an idea of a cool, unique and exciting vehicle Woonsocket Rotary can bring to their event, send us a message with the description of the vehicle and any contact information and you may see your idea at the next Woonsocket Rotary Touch-A-Truck.